Mateusz Piegza

President of the board and coordinator of artistic and educational projects at the Foundation. An architect by education. He is interested in the issues of housing in Poland, in the social importance of architecture, and in Polish contemporary art.

Aleksander Celusta

Co-founder of Henryk Foundation, curator, and culture expert. He is interested in broadly understood visual culture, painting, sculpture, and site-specific art. The producer of exhibitions, workshops, and meetings with artists from Poland and abroad.

Jakub Piegza

Member of the Foundation’s Board and co-coordinator of projects related to education. Kuba is studying Renewable Energy Engineering. He is professionally involved in designing photovoltaic installations. He is interested in sustainable ecology and circular economy.

Anna Batko

Art historian, art critic, and curator. She is currently working on a doctoral dissertation on Polish art in the communist era in the context of post-colonial and post-dependence studies. She divides her life between Poland and France.

Renata Motyka

Multidisciplinary artist, working in the media of painting, graphics, installation, and performance art. She collaborates with the Foundation in the field of art and design.