Henryk Foundation

Henryk is five years old. He lives in Kraków. He is interested in contemporary art, performance, design and architecture. He is friends with young artists. He organizes exhibitions, often in site-specific spaces, which are ready-made installations in themselves.

He organises workshops and lectures, and goes for walks. He likes to talk. He believes that it is possible to talk about contemporary art in a simple language that is accessible to everyone. He believes that art has the power to change habits, to implode monolithic systems, to break the spell of a difficult past and build a better future. He knows that this is all a bit utopian, but he really does not mind. Like Alice in Wonderland, he believes that anything is possible, as long as you know the way.

Henryk is a foundation, a non-governmental organization, a gallery with no fixed address, a centre of education and research on art, art history, and visual culture. Above all, however, an open community that operates on the principle of neo-tribe, more interested in being together than in building structures, not so much in the face of, as despite crises.

Zarząd Fundacji:

Mateusz Piegzapresident of the Board
Aleksander CelustaV-ce president of the Board
Jakub Piegzamember of the Foundation’s Board